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Motorcycle Powder Coating Services

This is how the mail-in powder coating process works.

follow the instructions to ensure your parts arrive safely

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Parts, Preparation & Packaging

  • Clean and remove any non-metal items and springs. Complete the online form   PRINT & INCLUDE AS YOUR PACKAGING SHEET also sent via email to print out.
  • Wrap the parts in bubble wrap. Place in a box – use a FedEx or USPS flat rate box for small items or a regular box for larger items. Boxes can be purchased from U- Haul, Office Depot or Staples. Free from FedEx and USPS – postage/shipping is an additional charge.
  • Mailing, Arrival & Powder Coating

    1. Take to FedEx, USPS or UPS and get a tracking number
    2. Once we receive the package we will check the packaging sheet against the items received. We notify you of the items received and send you a photo.
    3. We mask the items (where required), place the items through a chemical wash, drying system, powder coat and bake.
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    Quality Control and Delivery. Enjoy!

    1. We carefully examine all items for quality assurance and make sure the powder coating service is perfect. In addition, we take a photo of the items and send it to you for final approval.
    2. We’ll pack your newly powder coated parts in a box, ship the items to you and provide you with a tracking number.
    3. Unpack, assemble your parts and enjoy your new bike!

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